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Our member organizations operate a wide variety of urban agriculture companies and come from a diverse set of backgrounds. They have created hundreds of jobs in the New York and New Jersey areas over just the past few year. 

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Member TYPES


AeroFarms builds and operates environmentally responsible farms throughout the world to enable local production at scale and nourish our communities with safe, nutritious, and delicious food.

Bowery is the modern farming company growing the purest produce imaginable. We are on a mission to grow food for a better future by revolutionizing agriculture.

We are Edenworks and we grow delicious leafy greens and fish inside cities. Why both leafy greens and fish? Because they’re buddies. This system is called aquaponics, it’s been around since the Aztec, and it’s glorious.


Farm.One grows rare herbs, edible flowers and microgreens for the best restaurants in New York City at two boutique chef's farms in downtown Manhattan.

Feedback Farms utilizes temporary vacant space to conduct research into new methods of production farming for New York City

Hellgate Farm is an organic, urban farm located in Astoria, New York. We partner with property owners throughout Astoria and Long Island City to turn underutilized backyards and rooftops into lush, valuable garden space.

Everyone wants fresh, local produce - but not everyone has time to be a farmer. At Smallhold, we bring the farm to your back yard or kitchen, and run it via our Distributed Farming Network.

Square Roots is an urban farming accelerator—powered by human ingenuity, technology, and a deep love for local, real food.

Brooklyn Grange farms rooftops, builds green spaces, and promotes sustainable living and local ecology through food, education, and events.



Teens for Food Justice is a youth-led food justice movement that works to bring nutritious and healthy foods to those who need it.

Swale is a floating food forest built atop a barge that travels to piers in New York City, offering educational programming and welcoming visitors to harvest free herbs, fruits and vegetables.



The AgTech X Co-Lab is a dedicated space for those looking to develop business concepts, pilot new projects, or launch their careers in AgTech & Urban Agriculture.



Infinitree systems utilize proprietary technology to concentrate ambient atmospheric CO2 and discharge it within greenhouse environments.

Re-Nuble’s vision is to create closed loop agriculture systems throughout America and the world in which food waste does not exist, chemical additives have no place in our food, and farmers and growers feed their local communities, not landfills.



Gardening stores specializing in hydroponics and indoor growing in the New York metropolitan area. Family-owned and operated for over 20 years.



Urban agriculture consultants offering services for hydroponic greenhouse and vertical farming projects. Based in Brooklyn, NYC and active globally.

Green roofs, living walls, and green building technologies that boost property value, save energy, improve occupant health, and show commitment to the environment.