It may be the dead of winter but the plants in our indoor farms across NYC are alive and kicking! Join the NYC Agriculture Collective on Thursday, February 28th from 6pm-9:30pm at GrowNYC's premier sustainable event space, Project Farmhouse in Union Square. The evening will include a speaker series, networking with urban farming and Ag-Tech professionals, delicious locally grown food, local beers and wines, and farm tables showcasing what is being grown right in your NYC backyard 365 days a year.


Farming.NYC is devoted to achieving an ambitious vision for New York City agriculture. We do this through the following activities:

  • Regular Events where you can experience urban farms, taste our produce and meet members

  • Pushing for the right policy at a city, state and federal level to support urban agriculture

  • Making it easy for interested people to get involved through volunteering, or finding jobs in urban agriculture in NYC.

  • Providing data and information about NYC’s urban agriculture

  • Enabling collaboration between our members

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Urban Agriculture Policy

To achieve our 2025 vision, we work with city and borough officials, the USDA and other parties to encourage policies, financial incentives and initiatives supporting urban agriculture in New York.
To support us, get involved

Broadly, we are in support of:

  • Incentives, subsidies and support that helps urban farm businesses to set up and thrive in NYC.

  • Policies to support re-purposing of under-used indoor, outdoor and rooftop urban spaces for community or commercial farming

  • Initiatives to increase NYC residents’ access to local produce

  • School and adult learning opportunities to do with urban agriculture and working with plants